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Gold exploration along the prolific Akobo River in Ethiopia

Who we are

About Akobo Minerals AB

Akobo Minerals AB is a gold exploration company focusing on projects along the Akobo river in south western Ethiopia, a prolific area with extensive alluvial gold production. Akobo Minerals currently has ongoing exploration in the Akobo area through its wholly owned subsidiary Etno Mining Plc. Etno is a limited company established in 2009 by people with long experience from the public mining sector in Ethiopia and from the Norwegian oil service industry.

What we do

The Akobo project

The Akobo project is situated in a budding gold district in Southwestern Ethiopia, where alluvial mining with hand methods is widespread. Our area is a part of the lowland of the Akobo Basin, an area dominated by flat to hilly grass-covered savannah terrain. Our subsidiary Etno Mining Plc holds an exploration license over key targets in the area. To date placer production and exploration have outlined alluvial gold resources, and our team of geologists have worked extensively over the last 8 years to identify several potential primary gold targets.