At Segele the company is targeting the downward continuation of a small, high grade system hosted in mafic-ultramafic rocks, that has seen extensive surface- and near-surface working by artisanal miners – the kofaris – since its discovery in 2015. The gold grades excavated by the kofaris have been consistently high. Government records confirm that the hand-dug pits at Segele have produced over 600 kg of gold from the so-called Main pit, alone.

This pit has a surface dimension in the order of 15 by 20 metres and extends to a depth of 10 metres, with some underground workings extending down to ground water level. In addition to this, there are many smaller shafts and pits in the vicinity. Akobo’s sampling of these pits, geological mapping, and core drilling provide an image of a somewhat irregular ruler shaped, high-grade system roughly 30 metres wide and 20 metres thick, dipping to the north.

Akobo Minerals’ drilling activity at Segele has so far shown outstanding high-grade gold results. Akobo Minerals is working with ALS Global – a leading full-service and ISO certified provider of analytical geochemistry services – which undertakes sample preparation and analyses performed to the highest international quality standards. Extensive geological work has been conducted with a strong emphasis on the quality of drilling and sampling (QAQC).

The initial results from the current exploration drilling have proven that Segele is particularly gold-rich, with several bonanza-grade sections. The gold zone is about 190 metres from the outcrop at surface to the deepest drill-intersection, and open towards depth. All indications point towards the potential to establish successful, targeted mining operations in the area.

After drilling only 3.160m over seven months at Segele achieving an Inferred Mineral Resource of  78 kilotons at 20,9g/t gold, equal to 52.410 oz of gold, is a very encouraging first result on the way to reaching the company goal to uncover the potential of the area. The current drilled area is no larger than 30m wide by 120m long, and the majority of the mineralisation is located near to the surface. The deposit has excellent exploration potential because it is open at depth, and there are additional targets to the East and West. Given the high-grade, there is an opportunity to establish a high margin mining operation.