Building awareness – one ecobrick at a time

Kicking off our Sustainable Community Campaign, with a football match and community waste collection, Akobo Minerals celebrated the opening of Chamo Community Eco-Hub and Training Centre, constructed from discarded plastic bottles.  

Over the last six months, Akobo Minerals ESG Team have been working with the community to actively raise awareness about healthy and sustainable environmental issues including reducing and reusing plastic waste, waste management, hygiene, and sanitation.

The community has collected more than ten thousand plastic bottles which have been repurposed as ‘eco bricks’ to construct a community training centre, actively demonstrating that plastic can have more value as a building tool than as a waste product. 

The Chamo Eco Hub’s exciting programme of community training, developed in partnership with Dima Polytechnic, includes courses in enterprise development, financial literacy, artisanal mining and health promotion being delivered. This marks a milestone for Akobo Minerals and reduces a major obstacle for community access to lifelong learning and building a sustainable community.

Coordinator of this initiative, @DerejeDechasa, ESG Team Leader said, “Already we are inspiring the community to reimagine uses of plastic bottles instead of throwing them away and polluting the environment…. We may have lost the football match but have won the hearts and minds of our community”

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