Akobo Minerals has a clear strategy that is aimed at building a portfolio of gold resources through high-impact exploration and monetizing, while adhering to a lean business operation. With a core management located in Norway and Sweden, we are committed to leveraging the skills and expertise of in-country personnel to build a successful Ethiopian exploration operation.

Akobo Minerals will continue to develop the Akobo-site assets and knowledge base through high quality geology, structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry and core drilling. These skills will be underpinned by the company’s drive to establishing JORC-compliant resources and reserves.

With JORC(2012)-compliant resources, Akobo will be able to attract the attention of the world’s mining majors who have a strategic requirement to replace their dwindling reserves caused by years of mining rather than exploration.

Akobo Minerals will strive to collaborate with investors and partners with whom it can develop and expand its operations in order to create long-term profits or secure an exit plan at attractive terms.

Akobo Minerals’ vision is to be a leading gold exploration and mining company in Ethiopia developing industry-leading gold reserves

Akobo Minerals’ mission is to provide the highest level of gold exploration knowledge, which leads to successful future mining activities. We will achieve this whilst caring for the needs of our employees, managing the demands of our environment and creating value for our investors