In Joru, the gold deposit is quite different from the Segele, both in geology, size, geometry and grade. Joru is a large system of gold bearing quartz veins hosted in a quartzo-feldspathic body. The overall grade of the deposit is much lower than in Segele, but the system itself is considerably larger, creating opportunities for much larger tonnage.

In the same way as they have done at Segele, the kofaris have mined significant quantities of gold over the last few years, after they largely had exhausted the placer deposits and started manually digging into bedrock. Until now, the artisan process has been to hand-sort the quartz-vein material and crushing it in steel mortars prior to panning by hand.

The plan for Joru is much greater in scope. Following positive initial findings based on trenching and RC drilling results, the company will now concentrate on the central and so far known highest grade part of the mineralization, with a program of core drilling. From this, Akobo Minerals will then consider a resource estimation for this first part of the extensive Joru mineralized area.

It is our ambition, and we consider it realistic, to be able to establish a resource base of more than one million oz of gold in Joru. Thereby preparing the grounds for future large-scale mining in Joru.

After completing and analysing our first 7 holes of test drilling at JORU we are happy to announce the first set of core drilling intersections, indicating a promising mix of high grade and lower grade intersections. The intersections include;

28.10g/t over 0.85m and 20g/t over 0.75 in drill hole JODD03

29.10g/t over 1m and 10.90g/t over 0.55m in drill hole JODD06

3.19g/t over 0.9m in drill hole JODD02

4.10g/t over 0.6m in drill hole JODD03

3.10g/t over 1m in drill hole JODD06