In Joru the gold deposit is different from Segele, here we have a large system of gold bearing quartz-veins hosted by a quartzofeldspatic body. The overall grade is lower, but the system itself is several orders of magnitude larger, hence opening the door for a large tonnage, low grade deposit.

Just like at Segele the kofaris have mined large quantities of gold, but in Joru the hard rock mining has only begun. The process used here is hand sorting the quartz-vein material and crushing it in steel mortars prior to panning by hand.

Our plan for Joru is larger in scope. We intend to optimize the drill directions prior to doing a first pass, wide spaced core drilling program, where we concentrate on the central and highest grade part of the mineralization as we know it now, based on previous trenching and RC drilling. Once we have a better understanding of the deposit we will move on to infill drilling and eventually resource estimation.