International Day of Women in Mining 2023

Akobo Minerals’ own motto for International Day of Women in Mining 2023, alongside the day’s theme of ‘Equity in Mining is Everyone’s Responsibility’ is ‘You have to see to want to be’. Our female employees are an inspiration for women in Ethiopia and East Africa, breaking boundaries as part of the #miningindustry.

With 30% of female employees across all levels of the company, including a third of women making up the ESG team, Akobo Minerals values supports and promotes gender equity in the Ethiopian mining sector.

Below, four employees at Akobo Minerals, share their thoughts on their role as women – both with the company and within the mining industry.

Liyou Kifle, exploration geologist at Akobo Minerals, said: “I find it so interesting to experience the beauty of precious minerals at different rock units and enjoy exploring the treasures within different lithologies at different prospects. I have the pleasure of working with, sharing and learning from an incredibly passionate, experienced and dedicated team, committed to the vision of the company.

“After just over a year with Akobo I can say that mining is a great industry to work in – challenging but interesting. My advice to women is to have the confidence to experience new environments and cultures, regardless of your gender. Recognize your value, realize the impact you can have – and go for it!”

Helen Sewnet, logistics officer at Akobo Minerals, added: “In the 14 months at the company, I have come to enjoy and appreciate having coworkers that I can have meaningful relationships with, both inside and outside of the office. I also like working in teams to achieve a common goal, satisfying the aims of our department and the company. Within any business sector, but especially mining, as a woman it is imperative to be confident and assertive, to face the challenges of working in male dominated industries, to stand up on our own and have faith in our ideas.”

Etagegn Getachw, ESG community liaison officer at Akobo Minerals, stated: “I am beyond thrilled to be at Akobo Minerals, having now been here two years. I love my role, working in the community and sharing ideas with the local women on what we can do together to everyone’s benefit.

“I also enjoy advocating for the female voice to be heard in the company – as a designated representative and see such a role as important for women to be valued in the mining sector, whatever their discipline.”

Waynishet Ayele, a member of the kitchen staff at Akobo Minerals (as well as goalkeeper for the company football team!), said: “I have had three blessed years working at Akobo Minerals, where it really does feel like we are one big – and growing – family.

“I can see that all parts of the company are working in harmony, which will surely bring success to everybody. I will be doing the best I can to be a part of creating that success – for myself, my colleagues and Akobo Minerals.

Waynishet concluded “All women at Akobo are equal with men in facing up to the challenges we have, but our commitment needs to be stronger to make us visible.”

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